Living in the 4th industrial revolution sets forth that we have to embrace disruptive technologies that are the enablers for digital transformations. Regardless in your private life or work environment, digital disruption is now. It’s imperative to understand how those technologies change our daily lives.

Get up to speed what digital transformation really means, a high-level understanding of 13 disruptive technologies and 2 bonus sections on user experience (“UX”) and digital empathy.


Topics Covered:
– What is Digital Transformation?
– Internet of Things (“IoT”)
– Digital Twins
– Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
– Virtual and Augmented Reality
– Robotics
– Drones
– Cloud Computing
– Edge Computing
– Blockchain
– Big Data Analytics
– 3D Printing
– Nanobots
– Smart Cities
– Bonus: eXperience Level Agreements (“XLAs”)
– Bonus: Digital Empathy