Big change in Blog // Move to new website!

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Dear community,

as of 28.12.2019 all blog posts have been transferred to The reason being is that we will use this new website as a portal for more tech-bloggers an enthiousiastic writers on Digital Transformations, Disruptive Technologies, User Experiences and Design Thinking.

In this blog only my personal thoughts on digital transformation and my personal and business life will be posted.

Hope to see you soon on Digital Transformation Trends!


Tim Herglotz

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About Tim Herglotz

Tim Herglotz holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and is passionate about Digital Disruption and all aspects of Sales. He’s a writer, creative disruptor, and Deal Maker for Strategic Digital Outsourcing Deals.

Find Tim’s articles on Digital and Disruptive Technologies at

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