Your Product or Service is way too expensive

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“Your Product or Service is way too expensive” ❌

Basically, the Sale just started 👨‍💼

There are various aspects to such narrative:

1- Customer executed or read a benchmark and knows the marketplace

2- Customer did not do any research and is making the first step for a negotiation

3- Customer did not see the value and only sees a price-tag

4- Customer did not see the indirect cost-savings of your pitch

5- Customer’s business case has wrong figures, doomed from the beginning

So its all your customer’s fault?


It’s your job to:

1- ensure your product/service is in line with the market, or, explained the additional benefits that explain the delta

2- guide the customer on a buying journey, and not taking the first ‘no’ as a loss, it only just started!

3- to rethink your pitch and underline your value with facts and figures in the customer’s language

4- translate indirect value to customers value

5- validate and support the customer with data points from other deals that underline your case

🎯Never take something from granted, ensure all sales angles are covered.

Customers want to be guided… ASK more… CHALLENGE more…

Preparation is more CRITICAL than ever!

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