Try and error on your most important strategic deals is not an option.
Meaning, working on Megadeals is not something you learn by doing as the stakes are too high losing.
Get tailored, simplified, ad-hoc or structured coaching to close your most important deals, today!

Your Challenges

  • Decreasing win-rates of your most strategic deals
  • How to qualify a strategic deal (E.g. can we win?)
  • Orchestrate the Megadeal inside - and outside - the process
  • Missing deal- and negotiation strategies
  • How to influence all stakeholders to gain unique information and advantages
  • Understanding customers buying process and procurement tactics
  • Improving customer presentations to enhance customer buying experience

The Solution

  • A systematic and highly effective approach to win Megadeals
  • Strategically qualify deals in- and out, focus on qualified deals only
  • Tools and guiding principles to orchestrate the deal life-cycle
  • Proven deal- and negotiation strategies
  • Leverage eco-system frameworks that gain tangible insights
  • Work with - and without - procurement to gain a unique deal position
  • A cohesive story that convinces the customer and fears the competition
  • A seasoned coach that helps you with a unique coaching approach
  • And much more...!


There no such thing in Dealmaking as ‘the winning formula’ or a one-size-fits-all coaching approach for Megadeals. 

My goal is to help you become more successful as a Dealmaker for large and complex deals with a tailored, simplified coaching approach. 

Simply drop me a message here below with your inquiry and we will find a mutual way forward.

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